Heart and Soul

Becky Shapiro is a Soul 🧭 Compass.
She guides others to and on their spiritual path.
As a Channel for Spirit, her soul purpose is to provide guidance for those on their journey.
Becky recently opened the
Spiritual Compass.

She offers divinely led Coaching and Healing sessions to move you forward on your path.

You can schedule a channeled session
with her for divine guidance.

She is also a published author
who continues to share her spiritual journey
to light the way for others.

Channel for Spirit

Becky is a Channel for higher dimensional beings. Divinely led Sessions and Coaching are available for those seeking guidance on healing and inner transformation. 

Energy Healing

She is a certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner and believes energy healing can easily be combined with other techniques to help people heal themselves faster.

Yoga, Meditation, & Breathwork

Becky is a yoga and meditation instructor, focusing on helping people reconnect to themselves. Her classes are taught intuitively, and she specializes in working with the chakras.

Becky resigned from her elementary teaching career in October 2020 after 21 years, due to high anxiety that was affecting her health and her family. It was an extremely difficult and scary decision but one that changed the trajectory of her path for the better.

Becky's spiritual journey took off when she finally made the time for her own self care and inner connection.

It allowed her to finally connect with her soul and divine team and rapidly expand her psychic gifts.

She is now a Channel for Spirit and offers divinely led Coaching and Healing Sessions.

Her Spiritual Compass Program provides guidance for those on their spiritual path and healing journey. She uses her experiences and channeled information to create lessons to illuminate the path for others.
She also started an online Self Care Membership Program for Moms- Joy Compass! Prioritizing self at 5 levels of self care allows a mom to reconnect with their heart and bring joy back into their life.

Becky has a 13 year old son who gives her motivation and inspiration to keep improving in mind-body-spirit, as well as to continue learning new techniques and self care tools!  

She married her amazingly supportive husband right as the pandemic hit in March of 2020.  

They have 2 Labradoodles, Luna and Sol, that keep them busy and show them the meaning of unconditional love.