From Heart and Soul

Spiritual Compass Framework Video Series

✨Looking for guidance on your spiritual path?
The Soul 🧭 Compass Framework Series offers 4 directions of guidance: connection, inner work, energetics and alignment.

In this FREE video series, I share with you the secrets to the success of my rapid spiritual expansion!

I had a reading with Becky that led to an unexpected outcome. The beauty of surrendering to this experience resulted in an opportunity to have an inner child healing and I am so grateful that's what came through. Becky opened herself to the guidance needed for me to move forward and held space for me to work through a memory I never knew needed healing.

Dena F.

Meditation- Tapping into Feminine Energy

My feminine side was in hiding for decades due to work and family. She was shoved to the side, forgotten. All I knew how to do was be in constant motion- my masculinity completely in charge, day and night!

If your femininity was left behind as you became a "responsible adult," chances are pretty good there's some inner healing that needs to be done to open yourself back up to receiving.

This is going to affect you in ALL areas of life.

For anyone desiring to work with and heal their feminine energy, I’ve created a FREE meditation designed to help you tap into your femininity and
r e c e i v e.

Becky is a powerful & clear channel. Her transmissions come through with so much love & support. I came to her for guidance on navigating a challenging crossroads with my daughter’s father. She connected with my higher self to provide very detailed guidance as to how to honour the highest path for all three of us, while being true to myself. She provided suggestions for necessary healing and the next steps forward to aligning with my path and purpose. I highly recommend a reading with Becky.

Jasmin F.

Gratitude Journey

I have a FREE Journey to Gratitude for those wanting to add gratitude to their daily routine.
This guided experience will walk you through how to add it into your day.
Expressing gratitude is one way to improve your mental health and mindset!  

The short videos are great, as they can be watched when I have a free moment, and are not overwhelming. I have learnt so much... with your training as a guide, I have really started on my journey of healing. I was not sure how to approach this before, but now I am able to effectively clear stuck and rising emotions, and trapped beliefs. I am far more aware of things coming up and can effectively deal with them. I am really grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and experiences... thank you xx

Bronwen B.

7 Tips for Moms Wanting to Improve Their Mental Health Care

If you're a MOM looking for tips on how to improve your mental health and bring more J❤️Y back to your life, I have a SHORT video series just for YOU!   

Becky's self care membership has been such a big help for me, especially as a mom of 3 little ones! A few things it has helped me with is my patience, how to better handle the stress, to be a better mom overall, my insecurity, the mom guilt, helped me realize I wasn't putting myself first or taking very good care of myself, and now I have lost 10 pounds and just feel so much better. Just knowing I am not alone and using some of her techniques has helped so much!

Holly C.