Slowdown for the Soul

Scheduled Time for the Soul - Lymphatic Focus

This includes about 60 minutes of Guided Relaxation!

When's the last time you deliberately slowed down?
Not because you were sick or on vacation?

In order to hear your Soul, hear your own voice, hear what your body needs, there must be less.
Less movement, less thought, less go-go-go.

Though the majority of us think of sloths as lazy, their slowness is part of their survival!

What if you need to slow life down as well, not just to survive, but to THRIVE?


During this recorded session, Becky leads you through techniques
to help you connect within
 as well as focus on improving your lymphatic system,
which helps keeps you healthy in multiple ways!

You are worth making time for!

You are worthy of slowing down!

This would make a great gift for anyone in your life needing a slowdown,
especially for moms!

If you would like to gift this class to someone, click through to the Checkout Page.
Instructions will be provided.

 "The Sloth Slowdown for the Soul was the best hour I have taken for myself in months. I feel so calm and rejuvenated after it, and I feel so blissed out it’s as though I spent the whole day at the spa. This program truly takes self care to a whole new level and the best part is she shows you how to make it simple and incorporate it into your day to day with ease."  

Erin N
Founder of Soultivity Studio Digital Marketing Agency


Becky is a mom, wife, coach, teacher, healer and Channel for Spirit. She is a compass for those seeking JOY or spiritual guidance.

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