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Joy Compass

Online Membership for Moms

Testimonial from a member:
Your program is really making a huge difference in my life, it's kind of amazing and I am looking forward to reaping the rewards. Thanks Becky, you are a true inspiration! - B. R.

Let's make sure you're in the right place!
Who is this online Membership for?

This is for women who are ready to improve their health and well-being 

by taking action and making small changes to their schedule and routine!
Women who want to add more J❤️Y to their lives.

**There are no refunds for this program.
You will be charged $17.00 USD on a recurring monthly basis,
and your subscription will automatically continue until canceled.
You can cancel your subscription at any time to avoid future charges;
your cancellation will be effective at the end of the current
billing period. To cancel, Log In to your account and Cancel Subscription.**

**By enrolling in the Joy Compass Membership program
 (1) You acknowledge that you are participating in the membership lessons at your own risk.
(2) You assume full responsibility for your own safety and well-being.
(3) You indicate your consent to waive all liability on the part of the instructor, Becky Shapiro, or any guest instructors.  
(4) If you are unsure of your physical or mental ability, please check with your doctor before proceeding at any time.
(5) You understand instruction given by Becky Shapiro or any guest expert is not medical advice.**

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