Inner Healing Compass

What is Inner Work?
 In order to move forward on your spiritual path,
to bring clarity to your purpose,
healing must take place.  

If you want fulfillment,
to fill yourself and your time up
with what brings you joy,
you must make room
for this higher vibrational energy.  

We create this space by:  
*releasing old, stagnant energy and memories
*clearing false, limiting beliefs
*becoming aware of and working with our ego
*healing trauma
*working with our inner children  
*releasing ancestral blocks  
*letting go of past life issues
*connecting with our masculine and feminine sides

Learning how and when
to do this inner work will take time.  

But once you have a process,
steps to follow,
this inner healing will naturally
become a part of your life.

Because when old issues and beliefs
cause low vibrational emotions to surface,
you’ll know exactly how to address them!  

Most coaches will suggest you
journal your problems out.

I love journaling!

But it’s not usually enough
to fully release what’s holding you back.  

I show you HOW to do the inner healing.

Included in the Inner Healing Compass Course:

-What is inner or shadow work
-How to clear limiting beliefs
-Inner child and parent healing
-Healing the masculine and feminine
-Forgiveness process
-Working with Ego
-Inner Work Modeling

If you would like to dive deeper into your spiritual journey,
while having access to all the above content and much more,
check out my Spiritual Compass Membership.


Becky is a mom, wife, coach, teacher, healer and Channel for Spirit. She is a compass for those seeking JOY or spiritual guidance.

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